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Featured Masterclass - Time Management - How to Get (the IMPORTANT) Stuff Done - June 15th...via Zoom

Delivered by the one & only Malcolm (Negotiation Skills) Smith

If anyone can bring this allegedly dry topic to life, it’s Malcolm!

Malcolm delivers Masterclasses on (business) real life, from Negotiation Skills to The Art of Delegation.

At the end of this session on Time Management you will:

• Realise the difference between importance and urgency when prioritising
• Know about the five options when you don’t have enough time
• Understand how using these can gain you a whole extra month per year
• Have developed strategies to overcome procrastination
• Learnt about personal organisation systems – diaries, lists etc. – and to develop one that is effective to your own personal situation: work, life, and personality
• Think about systems generally – what ideas might save a bit of time in terms of making repeating tasks more efficient?

What delegates from Malcolm’s previous Time Management Masterclasses have said:

“Thank you so much for yesterday. You held us in the palm of your hand and you delivered a highly relevant, occasionally very humorous but overall meaningful and profound session.”

“If Carlsberg made speakers . . . . . !”

“A seemingly dry and dull topic brought to life…….great fun and so practical/applicable.”

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Each Masterclass starts promptly at 8.30am, followed by a peer group taster………and a complimentary ‘So What?’ session a week or so later.

The ‘So What?’ sessions are designed to really embed what you took from the Masterclass in a facilitated, ‘sharing your learning with other delegates’ environment.

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