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Featured Masterclass - How to Build a Strategy on a Day - 4th March

How To Build a Strategy in a Day

Delivered by the one & only Marcus ‘Personal Power’ Child.

Marcus describes the session as follows:

Practical workshop in which I share the strategy model and invite participants to build their own first draft organisation cultural strategy in a memorable, crisp one page document.

It’s couched in ‘single simple truth’ style language for internal use – accessible, compelling, easy to communicate – to describe the cultural and commercial aspirations for a sustained period…perhaps 3, 4 or 5 years.

The aim is to drive exceptional levels of team engagement, enable an ethos of service excellence and ensure commercial success.

Some of this strategy will already be articulated and secure, eg the values or £ targets may already have been established and well embedded. However, the process of joining it up in a flow that is refreshingly simple, utterly logical and behaviourally demanding should lead to a reinvigorated senior team, united in buy-in and eager to create a new epoch or step-change.

At the end of the session you will:

• Have the (collective) will to bring the Vision, Mission and Values, i.e. the ‘Strategy in a Day’, to life,
• be reminded of the influence your moment by moment behaviour has on the prevailing behaviours and culture of the organisation,
• be unified and excited with the prospect of realising a collective and bold ambition which you built (together),
• agree a follow-up programme of systematic activity that will cause behavioural change and properly engage every member of the team

N.B. If delegates can bring senior colleagues with them to build the strategy together this works brilliantly. Furthermore, between each phase of work in the morning I will input material which is great ‘leadership education’ so they’ll get plenty of value above and beyond the one page first draft.


Some comments from delegates at previous sessions:

“One of the world’s truly outstanding motivational speakers. He has the ability to raise any audience to heights I have never seen any other speaker do. He is as mad as a cut snake but so be it, we need more like Marcus but I’m afraid he is a one off.”

“The thing that I particularly like about Marcus’s work is that it has both an immediate and a long term real and measurable benefit, something which is very difficult for speakers to achieve.”

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