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Featured Masterclass - Why Your Organisation Needs to Know about Neurodiversity - 2nd April

A Masterclass by Caroline Turner

Caroline is a Speaker, Trainer and Consultant for Neurodiversity. Along with her team at Creased Puddle she supports organisations which are inspired to create inclusive workplaces to recruit, retain, progress and engage with those who think differently. Clients include NHS, National Crime Agency, British Transport Police, RWE and Npower.

She is an Advisory Friend for the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals on Neurodiversity and works with Universities and Councils to create more inclusive communities.

“It is not enough that we react well to disclosure of Neurodiversity. A proactive focus is required to create the next generation of fearless and inclusive employers”

At the conclusion of the morning you will appreciate:

• How different people think and sense the world…differently…not wrong, just different
• Why understanding the neurological make up of your staff is a need to know not an optional nice to have
• What a better organisation you will have if you appreciate this & help colleagues to do likewise
• How much more effective & successful (profitable!) your organisation will be once you embrace this reality
• That EVERYONE is ‘different’ – there is no ‘normal’!
• How you can actually make a worthwhile, positive difference to your organisation & your world
• The growing business case including recent legal precedent

Some comments from delegates at previous sessions:
“We had an application last week from a student with Asperger’s and this morning has really helped me to see what we may need to do/consider for recruitment purposes and also should he be successful in his application”

“I’ll be honest, this wasn’t something that was on our agenda before, but it definitely is now and we will benefit as an organisation, & as human beings, because of it.”

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